Roof Trusses


Mitek Truss Engineering Software

Northland Building Supplies Ltd.’s state of the art truss manufacturing facility produces trusses of all sizes to accommodate your building needs. We are able to offer such a wide range of truss products because of the experience of our designers. Our seven designers have accumulated over 50 years of experience in designing and engineering roof and floor trusses.

Throughout all stages of the manufacturing process, we have quality control systems in place to ensure that the products and systems that arrive at your job site are of the utmost quality.

Our designers use Mitek Engineering software for truss design. In the hands of an experienced designer, the Mitek software can help increase the efficiency and accuracy of the design process. From the simplest, to the most complicated of designs, our superior team combined with our superior equipment can produce trusses for any construction need.

Floor Trusses

We put the same attention into our floor trusses as we do in our roof trusses. Our truss plant manufactures floor trusses that go beyond industry standards.

Floor trusses are the solution to many architectural floor framing challenges. Floor trusses are being used to create high quality, squeak-free construction with the added benefits of reduced framing time and waste. The versatility of design as well as the provided space offers simple solutions for mechanical, electrical and plumbing issues.


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